Dental Tips: Over-the-Counter vs Professional Teeth Whitening

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Teeth Whitening

over-the-counter vs professional teeth whitening hoppers crossing Do you want to impress at a job interview or make a great first impression? Perhaps you want to feel confident when you talk, smile, eat, or laugh?

If you’re in search of an effective and safe way to improve the appearance of your teeth, whitening treatment may be just what you are looking for.

Teeth whitening’s popularity has grown steadily, and it has become one of the most common cosmetic treatments.

If you’ve been considering it, you may have noticed that many grocery stores and pharmacies sell over-the-counter kits.

At first, it might seem this is a great way to whiten your teeth; without the hassle of visiting the dentist.

At Sayers Dental Aesthetics & Implants, however, we know that the best, quickest, safest, and most efficient way to whiten teeth is by receiving professional whitening treatment.

While OTC whitening can only slightly whiten your smile, professional whitening can quickly, safely, and practically whiten your teeth up to 8 shades!

Let’s look at why.

Over-the-Counter Products

There are four main kinds of over-the-counter treatments:

Whitening rinses. These are the equivalent of mouthwash. Because they stay in the mouth for such a short period and are so light on whitening agents, they have minimal effect, taking up to 12 weeks to produce only very slight results.

Whitening toothpaste. Whitening toothpaste takes from 2 to 6 weeks to whiten but can’t alter the natural colour of your teeth or stains beneath the surface.

If your teeth are naturally dark or your enamel has thinned, they are ineffective. This toothpaste can cause sensitive teeth and don’t use a toothpaste that whitens with too many enamel-eroding abrasives.

Gel strips. You stick these to your front teeth once a day for periods up to 2 hours. Depending on the strength of these strips, you may see improvements between 10 and 20 days.

It is crucial to use strips only as directed on the package, and if they cause gum irritation, cease use immediately. Whitening strips generally only work on the front six teeth, leaving molars discoloured and dingy.

Whitening trays. These mass-produced trays are filled with whitening gel and placed over the teeth. They are the fastest OTC treatment, but they come with their issues.

Because the trays are not custom-made, they can rub/irritate gums. Furthermore, the gel can leak out, irritating the gums and stomach (if swallowed).

Finally, they don’t come with professional supervision, which can make them dangerous for people who try to accelerate the whitening process by overusing them.

Issues with Over-the-Counter Whitening


In OTC whitening, a sloppy or improper application can damage the gums soft tissues of the mouth, the esophagus, and the stomach. OTC bleaching gels can cause blistering, mouth infections, burns, damage to tooth enamel and nerves, and receded gums.

Tooth damage

A British Dental Journal found that active ingredients in three OTC products could substantially damage the hardness of the teeth, leading to an increased chance of future abrasions.


Perhaps the biggest problem with OTC whiteners is that they are not as effective a professional whitening. They are not professional-level bleaches, and professionals are not applying them.

Your answer – Professional Teeth Whitening: Safer, quicker, longer-lasting

When you visit Sayers Dental Aesthetics & Implants for your teeth whitening needs, our highly-trained professionals give you more reliable, brighter, and longer-lasting results than you could achieve at home.

This is for several reasons:

  1. We have better equipment. Visiting Sayers Dental Aesthetics & Implantsfor your teeth whitening means that you get access to the most advanced and effective teeth whitening commercially available.
  2. Higher-grade bleaching products yield faster results. Dental-grade whitening solutions can contain twice as much bleaching ingredient, and some also utilise a special light to facilitate whitening.
  3. More effective and longer-lasting. At their best, OTC solutions whiten your teeth a few shades or less. Dental-grade whitening can whiten up to 8 shades, and sometimes only in one visit!
  4. Longevity This is among the most critical points. Teeth whitening is not permanent, but professional whitening at Sayers Dental Aesthetics & Implants can last up to two years. OTC kits can have effects that last as little as two weeks!
  5. Safety. OTC bleaching agents can cause irreversible damage to your teeth, gums, and stomach. At Sayers Dental Aesthetics & Implants, these risks are minimised by our understanding of the procedures at hand, along with extensive knowledge of the products and tools we are using.
  6. Speed. With in-office tooth whitening, you can leave our office, after just one treatment, with a smile that is up to 8 shades whiter. OTC products can come nowhere near this mark.

Smiles at Sayers Dental Aesthetics & Implants!

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