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Same-Day CEREC Crowns Hoppers Crossing

Same-day crowns, also called chairside crowns or CEREC crowns, are made of ceramic.

They are trending nowadays, thanks to CAD CAM technology, which dentists have incorporated into the crown process. CAD stands for Computer-Aided Designing, and CAM stands for Computer-Aided Manufacturing.

This technology has been perfected over thirty years. Everything from the preparation of the tooth to fixing the permanent crown is done within a few hours, in a single dental visit.

Also, same-day CEREC crowns save more of your existing teeth, as they require less preparation/filing than needed for traditional crowns.

Unlike traditional crowns, impressions of your tooth are not needed. After tooth preparation, your dentist uses a special camera, called an intraoral camera, to take 3D images of your tooth. The camera is smaller than the tip of a ballpoint pen and is very comfortable.

Same-Day Crowns hoppers crossing

Your Hoppers Crossing dentist designs a digital 3D image of your tooth and crown, with accurate measurements.

The design includes spacings, ridges, pits, and grooves. Once the final design is ready, a machine makes a copy of the design to create a crown from a single ceramic block.

It takes only a few minutes to prepare the crown. Then, your dentist attaches it to your tooth.

Advantages of Same-Day CEREC Crowns for patients in Hoppers Crossing

Saves time: Additional appointments are not needed as same-day crowns are done in a single appointment.

Saves money: Save more on appointments and temporary crown costs. Also, for most people, less time off work implies more opportunity to earn.

Comfortable: You skip putty-like/gooey impression pastes.

Same-day CEREC crowns are the best solutions in the following cases:

Restoring your appearance fast: Your smile is back within just a few hours.

Preventing injury: In the case of conventional crowns, your dentist installs a temporary crown until the permanent crown is available. But, temporary crowns do not fit snugly and may become loose. Same-day crowns help prevent injury as they are placed immediately. Same-day crowns also keep your tooth durable as they require less drilling and save more of your natural tooth.

Preventing tooth decay: Dislodged temporary crowns make room for decay.

Restoring teeth’s natural function immediately: Teeth alter your speech, smile, and eating patterns. Same-day crowns restore all these functions on the same day.

Same-Day CEREC Crowns in Hoppers Crossing

Do you want to improve your smile with same-day CEREC crowns? Perhaps you need other corrective dental work?

Dr Rashi Gupta at Sayers Dental Aesthetics & Implants is eager to speak with you about your dental treatment needs and options.

Same-Day CEREC Crowns in Hoppers Crossing

For more information about same-day CEREC crowns in Hoppers Crossing, call us on (03) 9749 1178 or request your appointment online.

We are located at 483 Sayers Road in Hoppers Crossing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are same-day CEREC crowns long-lasting?

Over the years, CEREC has been the leader in creating same-day crowns. Each crown is made from a solid block of ceramic material, making it as durable as possible.

Like any porcelain crown, you need to treat it like your natural tooth. When maintained properly, you can expect your same-day crown to last just as long as a traditional restoration.

Why would I need a dental crown?

Dental crowns are functional and aesthetically pleasing. They help protect a flawed natural tooth, such as one that is chipped.

Dental crowns are natural-looking and match the appearance of your other teeth, so they blend in effortlessly to give you a flawless smile.

How long will my crown last?

If you take care of it, you should enjoy it for at least ten years. Brush and floss it as you do your natural teeth, and come to the office twice a year for your usual check-ups and professional cleanings.

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